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WAPI co-opts another Governing Council Member:

To further strengthen and broaden the Governing Council, the Association are delighted to announce that Paul Champion has been co-opted to the GC.

Paul will assume a consultancy role to assist the GC Team take the association forward over the coming months.


Paul retired from the Police service in 2000. During his career, most of his service was spent as a Detective (25 years), involved in the investigation of all categories of crime.

In 1985 he became an investigator with the UK Regional Crime Squad; latterly known as the National Crime Squad and now part of the UK National Crime Agency.  He was trained in various aspects of national and international crime investigation.  As a financial investigator he became a recognised expert in the field as well as a training mentor for other Financial investigators.

He operated both nationally and internationally in European Countries and the United States carrying out long-term in-depth investigations into international money laundering, drug trafficking and other related serious offences, liaising with the law enforcement agencies, courts and legal professionals of those countries.  He was commended on numerous occasions both by senior Police Officers and High Court and Crown Court Judges; also, by the FBI and the office of U.S. Attorney for South Florida, USA.

The last five years of his service he spent as an Intelligence Officer with the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS), which is now also part of the UK National Crime Agency. There he set up the Financial Investigation/Intelligence unit for the South West regional office of NCIS. He operated both nationally and internationally, he was positively vetted and also had the responsibility as a liaison officer with the UK Security Services.

Since retirement from the police service Paul has worked in the private sector, having previously run a company which was accredited with the ISO 9001 and BS 10200. He is also a qualified trainer and lead auditor; he was instrumental in setting up the ABI academy and served as both president and GC member of that organisation. He is a strong advocate of Government Licensing for Private Sector Investigators.

Since retirement in June 2018, he has operated as an Investigations Consultant on a part time basis as CIC Investigation Consultants.

Paul lives in Cardiff with his wife Gillian, they have two grown up daughters and 2 grandchildren.