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Joining the Wapi-Open-E_Group

Includes the mailing list and the group’s web tools such as message archives, polls, files and photos.

You can also join the WAPI-Open-E_Group using any email account by just sending a mail to WAPIGroupMembers@groups.io from your email account.


  • Requests for assistance on an assignment.
  • Inter-agency jobs.
  • Requests for advice on techniques and tools.
  • Sharing of knowledge about matters relating to investigations.
  • News from the World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI).
  • Global News posts relating to Investigations.
  • A forum for licencing and legal issues.
  • A source for non aligned investigators. 

Code of Conduct

  • Please stay within the subjects identified in the purpose statement. Please do not send information about Nigerian scam letters, computer viruses, or general business issues unless they have a direct interest to investigators.
  • When you join the group you may send an introductory message identifying where you operate and activities you undertake. Please do not repeat this message. Members who wish to send welcome responses are requested to do this direct to the person concerned and not as a posting to the group.
  • Please include a ‘signature’ on all postings. This must give your name. You may also include your company name, contact details and a brief description of your services. Please limit your signature size to 10 lines or less. For WAPI members the member’s directory gives you an opportunity to advertise your services. Please do not use the group for advertising.
  • Please respond to requests for assistance direct and not as a posting to the group. When a job has been assigned please inform the group.
  • No accusations or attacks against another person or company are allowed. There are no exceptions allowed. Any member choosing to ignore this will be subject to disciplinary action.



Introduction from the Chairman

Users of Professional Investigative Services including members of the public, legal profession, business and corporate clients, are able to select a credible Professional Investigator who is recognized as a “professional” and as such is a member of an established and approved professional association such as The World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI).

Further Reading;

Update from Chairman July 2023

Tony Smith, Chairman