Message from Tony Smith – Chairman


It is my pleasure to be elected Chairman of WAPI again for 2022. I make the pledge that I will do all I can to enhance both that position and the Association as a whole throughout this coming year.

Although a reasonably quiet year for the Association it still requires a great deal of effort to keep it running and I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation and thanks to my Governing Council members for their sterling work in maintaining and making the Association what it is, Emma, Beverley, Ian, Gary, John and Paul all played their part impeccably and all without any remuneration whatsoever.

Although losing two GC members in John and Gary I welcome our new GC Member Andrew Chenery, whom I am sure will bring talent ‘to the table’, welcome Andrew.

With Paul Champion accepting the role of Vice Chair I’m sure we will see benefits to the Association moving forward using his experience, thank you Paul.

WAPI, as an Association, remains the choice for the professional Investigator who wishes to network and to have a true sense of belonging to a group of like-minded peers.

The GC at WAPI bear in mind the possibilities of legislation that may, or may not, be forthcoming in 2022 that can benefit both our members and the wider profession as a whole and we should be ready for it without narrow minded self-interest.

Prospective clients require their Investigator to be legal, decent, honest and truthful and WAPI members pledge to adhere to that. If you can make that undertaking then WAPI wants you. You may be surprised at the level of fees required to be a WAPI member and the benefits it can give you. What I am certain of is that you will join an Association that’s a little more inclusive than you may be expecting with some excellent benefits.

Why not come over and check us out at

Tony Smith
December 2021