Message from Tony Smith – Chairman


I think we can all agree that 2020 was something of a ‘year’ and a challenging time for all in the profession, who have continued to offer their services. Whilst not completely out of the woods yet, I feel sure that all will agree with me that it is hoped that 2021 should see an easing of Covid-19 restrictions as we move through the year.

I cannot do this message without thanking and appreciating the sterling efforts put in by all of my Governing Council throughout this last term with many hours of their own time being spent and all undertaken without any financial pressure being put on the Association.  A great effort that deserves its credit and thanks from me.

Over this year WAPI has progressed with an enhanced automated website, with more member usable ’tools’, thanks to Emma & Beverley’s input. 

WAPI now has its own GDPR Code of Practice, compiled by our newest GC Member Gary Murray, and a new Training provider in Peter Jenkins of ISS training negotiated by John Edwards.

WAPI also acquired its own .org domain name, more fitting to its Membership Association status.

Wherever and whenever it can WAPI attempts to encompass the whole of the Investigative profession and does not marginalise or denigrate non-members, as can be witnessed by its very active open eGroup to which all Investigators are invited and regular informative pieces in our ‘news without comment’ postings from Ian Withers.

In this modern age I think this profession needs a degree of understanding that there are Investigators out there who choose not to join any Association because of what they see some do in the name of that Association and which was never the reason they were formed in the first place.  As we move forwards with my 4th term as Chairman my aim is to continue to serve the profession that should be aimed at incorporating Investigators needs and encompassing them in an Association that has rules AND education as we will never get UK Government to license us without it.

I wish all our Members continued success, social distancing, and please ‘Stay Safe’.

Tony Smith


December 2020