WAPI Honorary Members


In any profession occasionally exceptional people come along that need special recognition for the services they have given to that profession.

WAPI – World Association of Professional Investigators has awarded over the years the following honorary life time membership’s to such individuals that have in the opinion of the Governing Council given such service that require that special recognition.

Ted Potter 2020

Ted was a very successful career Detective serving in the Merseyside Police, Regional Crime Squad, Robbery Squad, National Dedicated Drugs Unit successfully investigating and detecting Serious and Organised Crime nationwide.

Using the skills and expertise gained through this very productive and successful law enforcement period, Ted received many commendations for the arrest and conviction of high profile criminals.

The expertise and wide ranging experiences gained within the police were later transferred into the private sector. This resulted in the formation of  PD Corporate Professional Detectives that now enjoys a wide ranging portfolio of very satisfied clients at all levels of the Business, Legal and Private sectors both at home and internationally.

Ted’s passion for providing clients with the best solution is tempered with providing a cost effective but highly professional service that is as cost effective as the task allows, whilst avoiding potential compromise, that could lead to reputational damage.

Ted is the Operations Director of PD Corporate Professional Detectives based in Bolton, UK.

In addition to Ted’s background skills acquired over many years, Ted was an active member of industry, including formerly held positions as Chairman of Ex-Police in Industry & Commerce (EPIC) and also as a member of the Governing Council of the Association of British Investigators (ABI).