By now you will have read that WAPI has produced a GDPR Code of Practice for its Members and uploaded this to its website.

This comprehensive and professionally prepared document assists the Member Investigator in becoming “GDPR Compliant” which is considered imperative in today’s Investigative profession.    In this current climate it is difficult enough to run a business and deal with the regulations that affect us personally and also have an effect upon our day to day business.  Having said that, here at WAPI the GC considered that, having already paid a Membership Fee, such a document should be provided to its members as a benefit without them having to pay for some Training Seminars, On-Line courses or whatever is currently being touted out there,  and have done so as part of what the Association can offer its members.

There are several other plans (some in the latter stages of development) that will only add to making membership of WAPI the Industry professionals choice, not to mention the sensible one !

WAPI will continue to lobby for the Investigative profession as a whole and not just a narrow part of it.

Why not have a look at the website,  www.wapi.org  (a genuine .org domain) and see if Membership would suit you, at just £100 yearly for Full Membership, it is certainly value for money and something for you to consider.

Tony Smith

WAPI Chairman