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The World Association of Professional Investigators are delighted to announce (boast) that one of our members Euro-Tec has been awarded an important contract for the provision of specialised services to a Legal Services Entity.

During the procurement stage there was an overwhelming attention directed to our knowledge of the various aspects of GDPR and Data Protection.

The various queries raised were very in-depth and focused; not just on the duties of Data Controllers and Processors, but also on the various processes pre and post the investigation.

To deal with these procurement requirements, we submitted a number of our policies also, The GDPR Code of Practise for Private Investigators which is a free resource for WAPI Members.

After several nail biting days of waiting for the result of our tender we have just been informed of the successful result.

We now know that we were the only applicant who satisfied the requirements for the handling of personal data, clearly down to the GDPR Code of Practise for Private Investigators.

For those Practitioners who are interested, in the absence of any official GDPR Code of Practise for Private Investigators –  WAPI has created its own Code, which is available to all of our members.

This code is clearly presented and covers all aspects of GDPR and Data Protection;  from the point of contact by a potential client.

By diagrams and checklists the code highlights the various processes that are required throughout an investigation.

Most important of all it is compiled from ICO information and other authoritative sources by investigators with a legal background and an unrivalled knowledge of the subject matter.

An added bonus is that for WAPI Members it is totally free – In effect it is a Training Manual in its own right. There is no requirement to attend an costly  training course.

The WAPI Code of Practise is an  vital and important contribution to the UK Investigation Sector.

With thanks to: Gary Murray

Euro-Tec Investigation Service – Est. 1968

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