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Posted by Ian (D. Withers)

Professional Investigation Qualifications Withdrawn.

For those in the investigation sector, you will all be aware that the government & the SIA has been attempting (I use that term loosely) to licence the sector for many years. At the last declaration the SIA stated that if licencing were to be introduced the criteria would be:

  •  Proof if identity (passport etc).
  • Clean Criminal Convictions (Disclosure Scotland etc).
  • Display competency (minimum Level 3 Award in Professional Investigation).

Whether this will continue to stand or not is now up in the air as the two awarding organisations who host this qualification in Professional Investigation (Pearson’s & SFJ Awards) have both declared they will be withdrawing the qualification from their portfolios.

This leaves no one to offer this training / certification although there are training companies out there who wish to continue teaching it to their customers.

SFJ Awards have produced a consultation document to ask whether it is still viable to offer this course. I would encourage any stakeholder or training provider with an interest to respond to them, and the cut-off date for responses is the 11th August 2023.

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Note: I am now an EQA for Awarding Organisation SFJ Awards. They are the only AO who are currently offering the PI Level 3 Award qualification since Pearson have pulled the plug on it.

I have written this which is about to go on our website –

I am watching how this progresses with interest as it could throw a spanner in the works with licencing.

With thanks to Peter Jenkins.