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Iran and China Use Private Detectives to Spy on Dissidents in America

U.S. investigators are hired under false pretences by authoritarian governments to do their “dirty work,” the F.B.I. says. …..

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“Across America, investigators are increasingly being hired by a new kind of client,

Authoritarian governments like Iran and China attempting to surveil, harass, threaten and even repatriate dissidents living lawfully in the United States, law enforcement officials said.”

Client Due Diligence Advisory from Ken P. D’Angelo:

As a rule, I always ask a potential client a lot of questions about the situation and why they want to hire a P.I.  If they don’t want to say, become offended, or I don’t like the answer, I tell them we aren’t interested.   I also never just run database searches for anyone who wants to know something.  I’m sure you have gotten these calls: “How much do you charge to run a license tag?” or, “Can you tell me where this guy works?”.  My next question is always why do you want to know?   I am not a personal information broker, and I think we all need to be careful about what information we will supply and to whom.

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Kenneth P. D’Angelo

President/Chief Investigator

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