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Anyone considering certification for UKAS certification BS102000 for the provision of investigative services might be interested in the following:

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service – UKAS is  voluntary method by which private investigators can apply for  official regulation. It is an excellent way for self-employed (or larger agencies) to present to the world that they are qualified, experienced and operating in a professional manner. As far as I am aware it is the only form of official recognition at present and displaying the UKAS logo gives confidence to potential clients that they are in safe professional hands.


There are only a view authorised organisations offering certification and after several years of  achieving this standard I am of the opinion that IQ Verify Ltd. are by far the most user friendly industry organisation that I have experienced. We transferred to IQ Verify this month for the purpose of revalidating the standard and found their 20% discount for WAPI members attractive along with their friendly and precise modus operandi impressive. We were quickly allocated an experienced friendly auditor who carried out his duties  in a simple no nonsense fashion cross examining us where necessary and tendering valuable advice where appropriate. Within a few days of the audit we were provided with his report along with an impressive certificate and of course a copy of the UKAS logo that is now on our web site and letterheads etc.

I have heard from a number of investigations agencies questioning the value of  UKAS and this standard. Don’t be fooled into thinking it is a waste of money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since achieving certification several years ago we have (touch wood) never been out of work and only today, 24 hours after receiving and publishing our revalidation with IQ Verify we were successful in obtaining a contract with a major new client.

Finally, the fact that IQ Verify is working with WAPI and offering 20% discount to members is an attraction that should not be overlooked also both organisations are forward thinking and in my opinion this collaboration could turn out to be a major contribution to statutory regulation when it commences, not if, but when, and believe me it will eventually prevail.

I hope this is of interest to those of you who are serious about standards, if you are then give IQ Verify a try, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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