The world’s first interactive iPhone app for Solicitors and legal professionals to appoint an Enquiry Agent, Process Server or Private Investigator was launched today by Allied Detectives.

A new iPhone app has been launched which allows Solicitors, Barristers and anyone else to instruct a professional agent whilst they are away from their busy offices. The “i-Enquire” app is free on iTunes.

The app uses the iPhone’s GPS locate abilities to calculate which Allied Detectives office is nearest to them, allowing the user to instruct the appropriate Enquiry Agent, Process Server or Private Investigator. The app sends a message to the nearest office. The Case Manager is then appointed and becomes the users point of contact from that moment on.

Neil Sheppard, Central Regional Director said:
“Many Solicitors are out of the office and obtaining Court Orders without their office support. Normally they are in Court in the morning but once they get a Court Order, it’s not ready to be collected until 3.30 pm. What this app does is allows them to get on with the rest of their day, while their Process Server goes and collects the Court Order from either the solicitors office or the court and serve it as soon as possible, wherever that may be.

It also has a function to link to the users Facebook account and for those people that want to enter their profession there is a “Join Us” option too. The user also can call Allied Detectives directly by clicking on the “Call us” button.

The app was produced by StyleLoft Limited of Bradford and commissioned by Jorge Salgado-Reyes, South East Regional Director of Allied Detectives and the owner of e-Legal gathering, an on-line forum for PI’s, legal professionals and the public.

Jorge said: “I have had several clients who had asked if it was possible to instruct us whilst they were away from the office. Many instructions are Urgent and solicitors do not have the time when they are in court to call their office to arrange such a service and then wait for a call back, hopefully i-Enquire fills that gap for them.”

About Allied Detectives

Allied Detectives is a nationwide collaboration of established private investigator agencies that provide professional witnesssurveillancetracingprocess serving and enquiry agents to the legal and insurance sectors, corporate clients and the general public.

The group was formed by combining the resources, personnel and experience of several businesses with a focus on the provision of a national service from established regional offices located across the United Kingdom.

All principals of the agency are members of WAPI.