Yesterday the nation awoke to the news that the News of The World phone hacking scandal had taken another dramatic turn, murdered teenager Milly Dowler’s mobile phone may have been hacked whilst she was missing in

2002 and her parents phones may too have been infiltrated and monitored to provide the newspaper with headlines

This news of the latest phone hacking by a private investigator, hired by the News of The World, has brought increased pressure and the spotlight firmly on the private investigation industry as a whole. Tony Smith, Vice Chairman of WAPI and with years of experience in the investigation industry, had been chosen by Radio 5 Live to give his thoughts, advice and opinions on this shocking news and the effect it has on the industry.

WAPI are well respected within the PI Sector and operate and enforce a strict ethical code for all Members. It is both ethically and legally required that our Membership do not break the law including phone hacking!!

WAPI have long supported and campaigned for licensing within the Investigation Sector, yet it is still not a legal requirement to be regulated or to have undertaken any formal training for recognised qualifications prior to commencing to trade.

It is perhaps time for the Powers that be to start taking notice, review the regulating of the Sector.

The thorny Issue of this fast expanding “hacking” scandal provided a platform for Tony who certainly emphasized the position and views of WAPI and the other PI Associations, as well as the vast majority of the Investigation Sector in his response to the suggestion that PI’s in general hack mobile phone messages!!

Tony managed to get over to the audience that the reported private investigators working for NOTW were NOT private investigators in the Accepted or true sense of the profession?

He expressed his annoyance that legitimate private investigators were being tarred and feathered – yet again …….

Who is Tony Smith PI ?

WAPI’s Vice Chairman is well known and is very highly respected throughout the Sector – both UK and Overseas. He is a truly “seasoned” Professional Investigator who has, over the last 30+ years dealt with the broad spectrum of investigative services offered within the Private Sector – extensively experienced having worked those long and unsociable hours hands-on “in the field”
A quiet man who speaks his mind – never sitting on the fence – even if it does cause controversy and long standing member of British Mensa (one of the 1%) and the International IQ Society Intertel – very little gets past his glare!! – He has also been a script editor on 2 BBC “Private Investigation” drama programmes.
Tony has been called upon to give interviews on both radio and television on his specialist skills of internet and identity fraud.  As well as his responsibilities as Vice Chairman of WAPI he also “enjoys” his additional Roles as WAPI Complaints & Discipline Secretary and the WAPI eGroup Moderator