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WAPI Members

WAPI has now prepared its own Private Investigators Code of Practice in respect of GDPR for the benefit of its Members and it appears on the WAPI website under the heading of Member Resources in the Members Only area.

This comprehensive document has been diligently prepared by the World Association of Professional Investigators and is compiled from many sources, including information available from the Data Commissioners Office. It is intended as a tool for the practicing Private Investigator to educate and evaluate all matters pertaining to the General Data Protection Regulation, how to comply with it and how to incorporate it during your day to day business.  In educating yourself with this useful document and using it as a guide, you can then consider yourself GDPR Compliant.

Much has been said lately regarding various Courses and Seminars to “Become Data Compliant”, at some -in my opinion- ridiculous fees, well here it is, a comprehensive, instructive 37 page manual free of charge to WAPI Members !!  This is in addition to our Seminar Notes from the 2018 GDPR presentation held by WAPI in Birmingham in 2018 which are also available on the website.

GDPR is an important piece of legislation to us in this profession and it must be complied with.  Education and familiarisation of it has been marketed as a ‘must’ for the current business of the Private Investigator, which is true.  Here is that very ‘education’ for members use.

Tony Smith

WAPI Chairman