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Murder in the Car Park – The TV program:

Former Metropolitan police officer Dean Vian has dramatically named his uncle as a killer

In a Channel 4 documentary to air this evening, Dean Vian, whose father Garry Vian faced trial for the murder alongside Glenn Vian, says: ‘I asked my mum who was responsible… my mum told me that Glenn had killed him.

Obviously I’m just repeating what I’ve been told – but I believe it to be true.’

Asked why he is speaking publicly now for the first time, Dean says that Morgan’s ‘children and his wife and his mum and his brother… deserve to know the truth’.

In another startling development, The Mail on Sunday has learned that Glenn, 62, died last week following a long illness, just 24 hours after the first episode in the three-part documentary, Murder In The Car Park, aired.

Dean made a statement to police about the murder in 2009, but told The Mail on Sunday his career was then ‘destroyed’ by the Met because of his family link to the case.

It was only after detectives bugged Glenn’s home − buying the house next door so they could drill through the walls – that they realised Dean was related to him.

Former Met Commander David Zinzan recalls being ‘really p***** off that Dean had passed the vetting.’

Dean was also ostracised by his family, who branded him a ‘grass’ for making a statement implicating his uncle. ‘I was on my own with no one to turn to,’ Dean told this newspaper. ‘And it’s pretty much been that way ever since.’

Dean, who at the time was attached to CID as a trainee detective, was told that his life was in danger and put into witness protection.


This evening Part 2 of 3 of the TV series at 9pm on Channel 4.

Posted by Ian D. Withers