A full day of training was attended by around 60+ Delegates, including some Media Delegates on Saturday November 19th 2011 in Greenwich South East London.
A total of 11 Countries were represented from as far as Seychelles, Israel, Ukraine, China, USA, Slovenia and Chile!! And of course as close as Ireland !!
The morning Session was enjoyed and provided a good basis for even a complete “greenhorn” to come to terms with the intricacies of on-line Researching.
The afternoon, alas, was heavier weather – a highly qualified and competent Lawyer went through the law as it relates to those rather topical areas of Hacking, Blagging, Bugging and Tracking, and despite every effort to make it as “sexy” a subject as possible, it has to be said that it was very “dry” and hard work to get through.
For those who persevered through the afternoon, a great deal on the current law was explained in infinite detail, much of which we did not really want to hear! Nevertheless, all came away with a better understanding of just how complex the whole Privacy Area has become!! – For example, for those who apply tracking devices to vehicles, there are potentially serious issues in terms of the DPA and the possible recognition of Subject movements as personal Data!!
There is no doubt that between the various Acts explored – and the appetite at the present time to limit the activities of those engaged in information gathering, the Sector have to remain very vigilant in terms of potential breaches of a whole range of “Privacy” laws.
So after a hard, but interesting day, it was a real pleasure to see the fantastic Evening Event unfold!!
The usual Champagne Reception kicked of the evening, from the formal Banquet Dinner with  an amazing cabaret of magic and telepathy following on with a sharp and very attractive dance band until the wee small hours.
The Governing Council were delighted to welcome both ABI and IPI Members as well as some of the “Non-aligned” (We are working on them however!!)
The New Governing Council having been elected and are displayed on our website.
For those who missed out, it was a wonderfully relaxed event for all, wives and guests included, with stunning Raffle prizes, and we hope that you will make it to the next Annual Banquet in 2012
Beverley Flynn
Lady Chairman