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Former FBI agent investigating disappearance of Annie McCarrick believes case can be solved 

Friday, 25 March 2022

By Neil Fetherstonhaugh

The American vanished from her home in Dublin 29 years ago this week

A former FBI agent who acts as a liaison for the family of missing woman Annie McCarrick has said he remains positive that the case can be solved. Kenneth Strange is a private investigator in California and a family friend of the McCarricks.

He has called for the case of McCarrick who went missing 29 years ago this week from her Dublin home to be upgraded to murder investigation.

Ms McCarrick was from Long Island in the US and had travelled here to study, living in Sandymount in Dublin with two friends.

On Friday, March 26, 1993, the 27-year-old left her house to go walking in Co Wicklow and vanished without trace.

Mr Strange, who travelled here last September to retrace Annie’s final steps as he investigates the case for her family said: “When someone vanishes and they are part of kind of a series of women that vanish and there is no evidence whatsoever and it is all in the same area, then I would say we are talking about murder.”  He believes Gardaí should upgrade the case to a murder investigation.  “If upgrading it means to throw more resources at it and more man-hours and give it much more thought, I would say yes, I would be very much for that.  “Certainly, that would be beneficial and I am for anything that would solve the case.”  Mr Strange said he remains positive there could be a breakthrough in the case.  “I’ve followed cases like this and even after many, many years, something can come up,” he said.


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