Did he commit the crime?

Throughout history people have used physical characteristics to identify others. Physical characteristics, however, can be disguised.

If a man commits a crime and a witness recalls that he had blonde hair and blue eyes it will be extremely difficult to find that individual:

  • There are many blonde hair blue eyes men.
  • Coloured contact lenses can be used to disguise eye colour.
  • Hair can be coloured, and even skin can be artifically darkened.

Science now offers a way to help.

Forensic Testing

Do these two samples come from the same person?

Forensic testing examines the chromosomes from the samples identifying values in the DNA chain. These values are compared to establish if the samples came from the same person.

The DNA molecules contain the coding for our bodies. Each gene provides the blueprint for one thing, for example, hair colour.

Paternity Testing

What is the relationship between these people?

Paternity testing examines the chromosomes from the samples identifying values in the DNA chain. These values are compared to identify if there is a relationship between the two people.

People have two genetic markers, or numbers, for each DNA system. One genetic marker was inherited from the mother, and the other genetic marker was inherited from the father. By comparing the values it is possible to identify whether there is a relationship between a child and a suspected father.

Any test results that may eventually be used for criminal matters must be handled as a forensic case, to ensure the evidence audit trail.

Non-DNA or Pre-DNA Testing

Is there biological material present likely to give a DNA type?

Screening services examines an article for the presence of biological material such as blood and semen. If detected DNA testing can be undertaken.

Cases involving Forensic and Paternity Testing

Some examples where Forensic and Paternity testing can be used:

  • Semen detection on underwear for suspected infidelity.
  • Paternity disputes.
  • Suspected incest paternity.
  • Insurance company fraud investigations when the actual driver in a vehicle accident is in question.
  • Criminal matters.

Adding Value to your service

Forensic and Paternity Testing is a powerful tool for the private investigator. It is an added-value service that your Agency can provide in Domestic and Criminal investigations.

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