WAPI is pleased to announce the launch of its “Members Publications” at:  https://wapi.org/members-publications/

After receiving numerous requests from WAPI Members, eGroup Members and the General Public, WAPI has published a list of current publications available from WAPI contributing members, “a work in progress”.

If any WAPI Member would like to contribute to this list of publications to make available for sale to the general public, please submit publication and details to:  The General Secretary generalsecretary@wapi.org for consideration.

WAPI encourages our worldwide membership who publish sector relative books to utilise the WAPI website to advertise and promote their skills, specialities or experiences, that they have produced publications for.

Such publications should have a link to Amazon to enable direct purchase.

WAPI does not charge or retain any fees for this member service.

Members, colleagues and the general public can access the WAPI Members Publications Page here: https://wapi.org/members-publications/