On Apr 26, 2021 News “without comment” posted an Article entitled as Slander – “Reputation Management”

By kind consent of US PI Steve Krivit.

I have received a number of requests and comment from our readers for additional and follow-up advice on dealing with clients who have become victims of reputational attacks.

Cynthia Hetherington, probably the best-known US Investigator in terms of the digital world responded as follows.

We’ve been in this particularly ugly space since ’98.

It’s impossible to disappear in a digital world, however, like the NY article stipulates, you can misdirect the casual observer by using SEO tactics and removal procedures.

For the sake of anyone who wants to take control of this for themselves or their customers, I put a guidebook out, now in 10th edition.

This Guidebook is available on the website Free, and open for any PI to access.


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