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PI, Guilty of Criminal Contempt in Sexual Assault Case

April 25, 2022

Read the Full Exclusive Story at of How a Private Investigation, Run by Celebrity Polygraph Examiner Dan Ribacoff, went Horribly Wrong

Yanti Greene aka Mike Cruz, PI for Dan Ribacoff, IIGPI, Found Guilty of Criminal Contempt in Long Island Sexual Assault Case”

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2022 / —, a website featuring breaking crime news, investigative reporting, legal decisions, and captivating podcasts, released an exclusive story today about a recent court decision in the trial of Yanti Greene a/k/a Michael Greene a/k/a Michael Cruz a/k/a Mike Greene, a retired NYPD detective turned private investigator, who was hired by celebrity polygraph examiner Dan Ribacoff’s firm, International Investigative Group (IIGPI), to surveil a Long Island woman in 2018. Daniel Ribacoff, and his children Lance Ribacoff, and polygraph examiner Lisa Ribacoff, operate IIGPI as a family business and allegedly supervised Greene a/k/a Cruz during the investigation.

At read the incredible story of a private investigation gone horribly wrong; how a group of IIGPI’s investigators allegedly “befriended” and interacted with the female subject they were surveilling; and how those “interactions” with the female subject eventually turned physical.

“…Defendant Greene allegedly lured Plaintiff [redacted] into his vehicle, following Defendant Greene’s confirmation that he possessed a gun under his jacket…”

“Plaintiffs also allege that they later came to realize during the course of discovery that Defendant Greene had also altered the videos in violation of the Orders of the Court.”

“Defendant Greene acknowledged under examination that he had formally changed his name to Michael Moretti Ford Cruz in June 2020.”

“Defendant failed to comply as directed, stating that he was unable to comply as his cellphone was stolen from his unlocked apartment as he was walking his dog at 2:00 a.m., the night before the phone submission deadline.”

“Having presided over the contempt hearing, and considered all of the testimonial, as well as documentary evidence, the Court credits the testimony of Joseph Caruso, and finds Defendant Greene’s testimony materially lacking in credibility. The Court further finds that Plaintiffs have met their burden as to civil and criminal contempt.”

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