National Private Investigators Day

This day was started over two decades ago by Bob Mackowiak, then owner and publisher of PI Magazine. It was in October for a couple years and then forgotten. In 2014, Arthur Athas of Private Investigators now in Australia contacted our agency to re-introduce a new Private Investigators Day. Mr. Athas proposed July 24th as the annual day – in honor of the birthday of Eugene Francois Vidocq – the very first Private Investigator who founded the first known detective agency in 1833. His legendary reputation is credited greatly with shaping the way law enforcement and investigations are carried out today.

In most countries the date is written as 24/7 and also represents working hours of many professional investigators.

Private Investigators provide a fundamental and vital role in society today.

The industry has grown at a phenomenal rate with the changing needs, issues and demands of the private/domestic and corporate/government sectors. These issues and demands have impacted greatly and created services employing tens of thousands of Private Investigators globally. Private Investigators have proven time after time to be an extremely valuable asset to society, one which is often overlooked. We would like to seek the consideration of our friends and colleagues throughout the world, to support us on a quest to create an official "Private Investigator’s Day". This would be a great way to promote the importance and significance of our existence and contribution to society. As each association and agency has their own areas of specialty, we suggest creating your own theme in promoting this day.


Mandatory licensing of private investigators is effective from June 01, 2015 in the US State of Colorado.

You can verify licensure at

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