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Last Thursday, concerned US citizens launched fundraising to investigate the country’s election results and “voter fraud” that some believe to be present in the recently concluded November elections. The listing happened during the height of the vote tallies in the country.

Users wanted to investigate several states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, who are conspired to “experience” fraudulent activities. These are all based on speculations and have no definite proof behind it.

Even so, the user set-up a fundraiser with a goal of $250,000 with an indefinite timeline to complete the money.

The massive funds will be used to hire private investigators to look into the matter.

The fundraiser reached a whopping $219,305 within several hours from 3,700 donors that contributed.

GoFundMe Investigation About ‘Voter Fraud’: Misinformation

GoFundMe is known to allow almost any listing on its website, from the most bizarre funding down to the most outrageous type of request in the platform. People must state their intentions and the need for the financing, and the monetary goal asked from other users shared on social media and the website.

GoFundMe immediately removed the fundraising listing on the websites a day after it was posted last week. The company believes that there were no fraudulent activities during the elections and are all based on fake news and conspiracy created by a collective of people.

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