A private investigator who was caught on camera in an anti-Muslim rant has been found guilty of six counts of possessing terrorist material., Pawel Golaszewski was convicted after documents were found on his computer giving instructions about bomb-making., His car was stopped by armed police on February in Leeds and his computers seized., Golaszewski, of Wensleydale Mews in Armley, Leeds, will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on Friday., The court heard police uncovered a stash of terrorist material, including detailed instructions on how to make weapons and various killing techniques., Golaszewski claimed he obtained the documents as research for work as a security guard and private investigator, as well as with his ambition to join the army.., At his home police found a knife in a sheath on the wall, two smoke grenades and a lock knife and a torch with a concealed knife., Investigators found he had voiced “anti-Muslim and anti-immigration” views., Golaszewski also described Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in racist terms in a video retrieved from his hard drive and played to the jury., “In short, the defendant presents as a deeply bigoted individual, espousing far right causes and voicing racist, anti-Muslim and anti-immigration views,” prosecutor Dan Pawson-Pounds said.,

Source: BBC Yorkshire