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Published: 14 July 2021

Iran planned to kidnap UK-based journalist who had criticised their regime: Commentator was to be lured to the country and then arrested, say FBI

Four Iranian intelligence operatives have been charged with plotting to kidnap a journalist based in the UK and a writer living in the US who has been named as Masih Alinejad

An Iranian intelligence officer and three alleged members of an Iranian intelligence network have been charged with plotting to kidnap a journalist and political commentator based in the UK and a writer in the US, prosecutors in New York said.

The four alleged intelligence operatives were accused of targeting the two Iranian expatriates as well as three individuals in who had been critical of the regime. Victims were also targeted in the United Arab Emirates, an indictment in Manhattan federal court alleges.

The Iranian spies had allegedly hired private investigators in the UK under ‘false pretenses’ to conduct surveillance on an Iranian expatriate journalist and political commentator, who has not been named, from at least September 2020, according to court documents.  The private investigators also took surveillance photographs of the victim’s house in Britain.

The alleged plan was to lure the UK-based commentator, as well as the four other individuals, where they would be arrested.

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