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Posted by; Ian (D. Withers)

Some Members will know and have worked with well-known Turkish PI Ismail Yetimoglu – The allegation being made is that he was acting for Mossad!
Yet another warning to all of us to check those who instruct us, particularly if based in politically ‘sensitive’ locations!

Meanwhile, we do hope that the Turkish Authorities will resolve and release our reliable colleague as soon as possible.
Our thoughts are with his Family at this difficult time.

İsmail Yetimoğlu (Pi), took the Oath of Private Detective in 2003 after retiring from the Civil Service;
Since then, he has been providing Private Detective / Professional Investigation Services in accordance with the Code of Ethics and in accordance with International Professional Standards.

İsmail Yetimoğlu (Pi), with his professional team, has extensive experience in the field of “Genealogy” and in examining the archive records of the churches of non-Muslim Turkish citizens, as well as the “State Archives of the Republic of Türkiye covering the Ottoman Empire period” İsmail Yetimoğlu (Pi), founded MaviAy Detective Company in 2003 and ODD Private Detectives Association in 2007, and continues to lead the development of the Private Detective profession in Türkiye in accordance with international ethical rules and professional standards.

December 18, 2022
Israeli Mossad operation targeting Palestinians in Ankara – Turkiye makes sensational arrest
By Devanjan Bose

In a nationwide crackdown, Turkish security authorities on last Wednesday reportedly arrested several people linked to an Istanbul consulting company allegedly involved in targeting Palestinian ex-pats and organizations operating in Turkiye.

As part of an operation launched earlier this week, 44 suspects had been identified as having ties to the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. This is one of the largest concerted clean-ups by the Turkish Government in recent times.

The Istanbul authorities have arrested several suspects allegedly linked with the Israeli secret agency Mossad who was involved in targeting Palestinian ex-pats living in Turkey.
Seven have been jailed, others remain at large, and some are still being investigated by Turkey’s counter-espionage unit.

The suspected operation against Palestinian citizens, non-governmental organizations, and institutions based on Turkish soil is contemplated to have involved intimidation and damaging reputational remarks made via social media channels, as well as information about them being leaked to Mossad. In return, the espionage network is alleged to have received a handsome amount in return for their covert actions.
Camouflaged Private Detective Associations are suspected Mossad operatives

The clandestine operations were initiated by the founder President of the Private Detectives Association in Turkey, Ismail Yetimoglu who has also been arrested.
He became a private detective in 2003 after 23 years of working as a civil servant and opened his company in 2007.

Turkish authorities have been scrutinizing Istanbul-based consulting firms for some time over claims some were being paid to spy on Palestinians and their non-governmental organizations. Jason Brodsky the Policy Director at ‘United Against Nuclear Iran’ stated that the latest operations lead to the conclusion that Turkey has a complicated set of responsibilities and interests that it has to balance with respect to Israel, Iran, and the Palestinians.

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