There is no doubt we can all learn a very valuable lesson, especially by the wrong doings of a fellow investigator.

A Connecticut jury has found Gerald O’Donnell, a local PI guilty of bribery and witness tampering.

He was found not guilty of two counts of perjury stemming from his involvement on a case he worked on which successfully exonerated two men of a New Haven homicide.


A key witness had testified that O’Donnell had given her gifts of cash, a stereo, a new television and promises that she would share in the financial settlement the lawyers for the exonerated men were seeking from the state for wrongful incarceration.


This unfortunate news only helps to reinforce the ethics we as professional investigators must adhere to. Is going to jail, losing your PI license, and tarnishing your reputation worth it?

Clearly not, but it’s truly shameful to see what some colleagues will illegally do to satisfy a client just to look good and make a few bucks.


You can read more about this here.



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