Robert Mendick – Chief Reporter
18 March 2017

The £1 million police investigation into allegations that Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile is being wound up amid claims it has found no evidence to justify tarnishing the former prime minister’s reputation.

Private investigators hired by police to help conduct the inquiry have been told contracts are not being renewed, according to sources.

The inquiry, codenamed Operation Conifer, will be closed in the coming weeks, but the report on its findings will remain confidential.

Friends of Sir Edward insisted that the Wiltshire police inquiry had found no evidence to implicate the Conservative politician.

They said the nature of questions put to former members of staff and sailing friends were so lacking in detail that it suggested an absence of hard evidence. The investigation began in August 2015 when Supt Sean Memory, standing outside Sir Edward’s former home in Salisbury, launched an appeal for victims to come forward. He is now on long-term sick leave.

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