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 Sunday Life – Belfast

Lisa McGee: I want to make a Derry Girls ( Private Investigators) spin-off…

Writer reveals idea for new show on Ma Mary and Aunt Sarah solving crime!

Sunday Life reporter John Toner

April 10 2022

Smash-hit TV series Derry Girls could live on through a museum in the city and several spin-off shows, according to creator Lisa McGee.

The first two episodes of the eagerly awaited third and final season of the Channel 4 comedy premiered at a star-studded advance screening in Derry on Thursday.

Speaking to Sunday Life on the red carpet, Lisa said she would love a permanent exhibition or museum dedicated to the show and plans on making a spin-off involving Aunt Sarah and Ma Mary as private detectives.

She added: “What I want to do is a spin-off with Ma Mary and Aunt Sarah solving crime and setting up a detective agency in Derry. Wouldn’t that be incredible?  “They’re so amazing in this series as the two sisters and I just thought it would be great to know what they get up to in secret, so I have this theory that they run about the town running this detective agency.  “Maybe the girls could have cameos too — they could be their spies about the city.”

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