Message from the Chairman

Edwards-John-NEWThere are Countries that require Investigator licensing and there are those that do not. Thus raising the importance that potential users of Professional Investigative Services including members of the Public, Legal Profession, Business and Corporate Clients, are able to select a credible Professional Investigator who is recognised as a “professional” and as such is a member of an established and approved Professional Association such as The World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI).

Reliability and accountability are essential factors when dealing with professional services, and indeed for the peace of mind of any potential client. Membership of WAPI sends a clear message to all, that you are credible – both a reliable and recognised Professional Investigator providing a professional service to an exceptionally high standard, and that you work to, and are subject to a strict professional and ethical code. Other Professional Investigators needing to assign tasks or requiring assistance can be assured that they can instruct WAPI members in complete confidence.

WAPI Membership entitles you to use the WAPI internationally recognised logo on both your stationary and electronic media. When you need advice or assistance, you know that reliable advice from experienced and specialised peers in all areas of investigation will be available to you.

WAPI Membership can provide information to Members who seek advice on any training related issues.

My message to you is simple, “being credible IS being professional”
Make WAPI your first choice Professional Association.

John Edwards