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 Jane Mugo, private Kenyan investigator!

January 25, 2021

By LavenderA | Opera News Kenya


Jane Mugo is a controversial Kenyan private investigator well known in Kenya for her solving of different cases ranging from cheating scandals to brutal murders across the country.

BBC Africa Eye recently did a story on her and it has hit the internet with netizens having mixed reactions on her job.

It is known that many people today have opted for private detectives when they are not satisfied with the outcome they get from government officers.

The one person that many go to is Jane Mugo. She is a mother and a tough lady in her career. However, the one time that she was full of fear was when her son’s life was in danger and he was almost kidnapped.

The documentary showed how Jane trains all her staff on having the fighting skills. She has studied tae kwon do and she even showed it on camera to the news reporter. Because of the numerous enemies she has, she makes her employees feed on her food before she herself can eat it. She also trains all her dogs and does teaches her men the importance of ending fear.

She has installed CCTVS all around her compound including in her children’s rooms in very unexpected places like inside dolls. She barely trusts people and so has a whole team of well-trained armed guards who man her home and go with her almost everywhere. She claims that her men are better trained than even the navy seals hence and the reason why they are the best in Africa. Her guards train relentlessly even during meals.

However, many organizations and people in the security industry do not trust that Jane does this the right way. Others even feel like she is not supposed to be doing this as she is not registered. Jane and her team using polite force on people has been termed many times as illegal. However, the fierce lady does not think she will ever stop doing what she does. This she says is because it is important to

The BBC documentary on “private detective” Jane Mugo tickles Kenyans

By Hilary Kimuyu

January 25th, 2021

BBC Africa was on Monday forced to turn off their Youtube comments section after their documentary titled “Kenya’s Spy Queen” caused laughter and anger online almost in equal measure.

Jane Mugo trended for the better part of the day Monday after the BBC Africa Eye documentary aired the video that captures her interesting life and work went viral. Majority of those who expressed their views online felt BBC Africa took them for a ride.

BBC’s Sharon Machira interviewed the “Spy Queen,” who let viewers into her ‘detective’ work, from her vicious dogs led by one known as Hitler, her chef who is tasked with tasting all her meals before she eats and her squad led Charlie One.

The BBC Africa teaser on social media read:

“With police widely mistrusted in Kenya, many people are turning to private detectives to solve crimes. None is more famous, or controversial”

In the show, Ms Mugo introduced her squad which had to undergo “rigorous” training which, she said, was helpful in the line of duty.

She also boasted to be the best detective in the world and celebrated worldwide.

However, Kenyans who watched the documentary were not impressed at all and many poked fun at the piece.