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Former newspaper phone hacker Glenn Mulcaire set to sue lawyers over second prosecution Graham Johnson Oct 20, 2021

EX-INVESTIGATOR Glenn Mulcaire says ‘flawed’ legal advice led to second hacking sentence

BELIEVES HE is the only person in British legal history convicted of same crime twice

NOW SUING law firm Slater & Gordon for their ‘betrayal’

HOPES ACTION will pave way for quashing his second conviction

PHONE HACKER Glenn Mulcaire is suing a law firm for its ‘fatally flawed’ advice which he says led to his second conviction for intercepting voicemails.

The ex-investigator was jailed for hacking in 2007 alongside News of the World (NotW) royal editor Clive Goodman.

Seven years later he was back in the dock amid a second probe into illegal information gathering at Murdoch’s scandal-hit News International.

He admitted a string of offences and was given a suspended prison sentence in 2014.

But Mulcaire says he only pleaded guilty because lawyers advised they would ask the court to stay his prosecution by claiming ‘abuse of process’, arguing the new charges should have been brought back in 2006.

He believes his second prosecution makes him the only ‘autrefois convict’ – a person convicted twice for the same offence – in British legal history.

His allegations are detailed in a letter before claim for professional negligence, due to be served imminently on law firm Slater & Gordon.

It describes how the abuse of process option was taken off the table following his courtroom admission in March 2013.

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