WAPI are proud to announce that in the absence of our annual raffle, usually held at the Wapi Banquet & Training day, that we have this year made a donation to:


Locate International Are a non-profit organisation, and every penny goes towards their work in locating missing people.

We received a big thank you on social media for the donation from Locate International.



Locate Centre for Missing People Investigations is a community interest company dedicated to helping families of unsolved missing person cases, find their loved ones.

They do this by building teams of specialists from different disciplines and volunteers from local communities.

The teams investigate and review the cases to ensure that all that can reasonably be done, has and is being done.

Their service is carried out at no cost to families.

Locate consider unsolved cases collectively to better understand the issues, commonalities and how missing person investigations can be advanced.

Locate Centre for Missing People Investigations operate in partnership with Devon and Cornwall Police, Universities of South Wales and Central Lancashire.

Locate will be expanding to other locations and launching a new training programme from October 2020.

Contact : info@locate.international