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From murdered TV star Jill Dando to ‘torso in the Thames’ boy – 11 cold cases that remain unsolved

By: rymeradelle

Dec 24, 2021

2021 ends with an interesting article about 11 cold case murders that have remained unsolved

Of particular interest to the Investigator Sector will be the vicious 1987 killing of Daniel Morgan, private investigator who was shot to death with an axe on the Sydenham carpark of the Golden Lion Pub in Sydenham south-east London.

The murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan has been dubbed the ‘most investigated unsolved murder in the history of the Metropolitan Police’.

On March 10, 1987, the father-of-2 was discovered with an axe in his heat in a Sydenham pub car park.

For fingerprint protection, the handle was wrapped with two strips of sticky plaster.

Five police inquiries and an inquiry were conducted, but no one has been charged with the crime in over 30 years.

When he died, the private investigator had been investigating police corruption allegations……………….

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