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Who killed ‘The Essex Boys’?

Sky documentary “The Essex Murders” explores the notorious case

By Euan O’Byrne Mulligan – Freelance reporter

April 14, 2023

Private investigators say they have uncovered evidence that casts doubt on the convictions of two men

On 6 December, 1995, police were called to a country lane in Essex after three bodies were found in a Range Rover

A new Sky documentary series is revisiting a triple gangland murder that took place in Essex nearly 30 years ago.

The Essex Murders focuses on the killings of Patrick Tate, 37, Tony Tucker, 38, and Craig Rolfe, 26, who were each shot in the head in December 1995.

Although two men were eventually convicted in 1998, questions surrounding the case have never gone away.

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The Documentary is available on Sky – most interesting, and concerning…….