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Leon Hart

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I’m an investigator who’s exposed 5,000 cheaters, this is how I caught them’

Yahoo Life UK contributor

28 May 2024

Private investigator Leon Hart has over 30 years’ experience working in surveillance.

From having no text message history to supposedly working late, one of the UK’s leading private detectives has revealed a list of ways to tell if your partner is having an affair. 

Leon Hart set up his agency Intime Investigations 15 years ago, but has 30 years’ experience in surveillance, fraud investigation and security, working with everyone from celebrities and politicians, to footballers and members of the general public. Now, around 25-30 clients a month contact him with concerns about their partner’s ‘suspicious activities’ and his fees start at £500 for a half day of surveillance.

In one of the most shocking cases he’s dealt with, his detective work uncovered that a man had been cheating on his wife of 50 years for most of their marriage. They had three children and seven grandchildren together.

“After a brief investigation using surveillance, we identified that he was living at another address with a different woman,” says Hart. “After his wife confronted him with the images and footage we had obtained on her behalf, he confessed to having this affair for more or less the same time they had been married.”

It emerged he even had two children with the ‘other woman’ (and three grandchildren). “They both lived in the same village with neither being any wiser to his infidelity,” explains Hart. “She divorced him shortly after and the other female also terminated their relationship after his wife informed her of his other family.”

How to tell if someone’s having an affair

So what are the main signs to look out for, according to Hart? Someone’s phone habits are of course one of the key ways people arouse suspicion, whether that’s “never letting their phone out of their sight, having no phone or text message history or going into other rooms/leaving the house to answer the phone”.

Their computer can also provide vital clues such as “signing up for a new email address and not letting you know, hiding passwords from you and frequently erasing the computer’s history,” says Hart.

Other common signs include changes in their habits or schedule, he adds. This could be “supposedly working more overtime, hanging out with new friends, going to a shop near your house but taking longer than needed, having higher car mileage than usual with no explanation or finding out your partner has secretly taken days off work”.

Watch out if they start “smelling of aftershave/perfume or alcohol” more often too, warns Hart. His clients also report noticing “changes in their partner’s sex drive and sexual behaviour” and they may start “asking about your schedule more often” in a bid to make sure they don’t get caught.

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